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The Equity Series: IDE Corp.’s Seven Lenses of Instructional Equity

by guest blogger, Shané Beauford – Director of Educational Equity, IDE Corp. How can you determine the strength of your instructional equity implementation?  Consider IDE Corp.’s Seven Lenses of Instructional Equity that are reflected through six areas of instruction: • Instructional Activities • Participatory Structures • Assessments • Instructional Resources • Language • Physical/Virtual Setting […]

Five Types of Videos Teachers Can Use to Rock Remote or Hybrid Learning!

What is one of the big challenges of students working remotely? Access to the teacher’s high-quality instruction and guidance. What is one of the ways students engage with information in their world today? Video! Simply put, teachers need to “clone themselves” so that students have access to their voice, expertise, knowledge, and wisdom so they […]

The New Fall Look for School: A Hybrid Learning Environment

Fall 2020 promises to bring some challenges to schools in terms of social distancing. Most likely, students will attend school with a staggered schedule that has them both learning at home and learning online. Even if social distancing ends, the chances of another virus-related school closing are high. It’s time to stop thinking of schools […]