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Strategies for Professional Learning to Cultivate Teacher Efficacy

The Student Achievement – Teacher Professional Learning Connection There’s a domino game getting set up in schools today: Through the years, the research points to high-quality teachers as the most influential aspect of student achievement. If schools continue to lose high-quality teachers, hire less-than-qualified teachers, and fail to retain them, what hope is there for […]

Student Voice vs. Student Choice

The Emergence of Choice in Our Society The year is 1950. You probably shop at one local grocery store. You have your hair cut at the local hair salon. If you are fortunate enough to own a television, you might be able to access three network stations. The point is, people did not have the […]

Student/Teacher Roles in Engagement, Empowerment, & Efficacy

If you want students who learn at high levels, can apply that learning, and retain that learning for the long term, build learning environments that move students from engagement to empowerment to efficacy. Co-Creating the Classroom Pursuing engagement, empowerment, and efficacy in the classroom amounts to co-creating the learning environment. As a teacher, once you […]

Understanding Gen Z Teachers: Recession Impact and Retention Strategies

Navigating Societal Events on Education Imagine being 8–10 years old and suddenly finding out one of your parents or caregivers lost their job, seeing them stressed and crying, being told they can’t afford to do things you always did, having to move because your family can’t afford to live there anymore. Imagine having your parents […]