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Student/Teacher Roles in Engagement, Empowerment, & Efficacy

If you want students who learn at high levels, can apply that learning, and retain that learning for the long term, build learning environments that move students from engagement to empowerment to efficacy. Co-Creating the Classroom Pursuing engagement, empowerment, and efficacy in the classroom amounts to co-creating the learning environment. As a teacher, once you […]

Teachers and AI and ELLs, Oh My!

Having experienced the pathways and trends in education since the 1950s, I can confidently proclaim . . . this is a time like no other. We are at a crossroads that is both daunting and exhilarating. COVID, AI, and globalization, to name a few, are changing the landscape of students, parents, and teachers. Schools must […]

The Six Phases of PBL Design & Implementation

If you’re looking to: you need to think of one word, the key to it all: engagement! Think about any child or adult you know, or yourself! When we are engaged in an activity that draws us in, we lose all track of time; we are glued to the activity; we question; we search; we […]