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▢ A vision for what learning anywhere, anytime looks like? That’s covered in our white paper on remote/hybrid learning.

▢ Ongoing just-in-time support via PD sessions and coaching? That’s our VSC!

▢ A day of opportunities to pop in and out of 30-minute topical sessions w/ optional Q&A? That’s our PD Buffet Days!

▢ A five-week PD experience with consultants and other educators around a specific critical topic? That’s our VLCs!

▢ Independent exploration of a topic through videos, texts, and resources? That’s our self-paced PD experiences!

▢ A one-hour inspirational, energizing message to kick off the day or week? That’s a Dr. Sulla keynote!

▢ Focus on instructional equity? That’s our Equity-focused sessions and VLCs!

▢ Assist teachers in building SEL? That’s our SEL-focused sessions and VLCs!

▢ Interested in comprehensive instructional design for student-driven learning? That’s LATIC!

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