We’re here to help! During the school closures due to the pandemic, give your teachers the support they need through virtual coaching. Visit our FREE sites for teachers at ddal.idecorp.com and 4thekids.idecorp.com; visit our FREE site for parents at 4theparents.idecorp.com; join our VLC on “Teaching Through the Pandemic”; or contact us to learn more about our options for schools and districts moving to remote instruction.

WEBINAR FOR PARENTS More On the 8 Elements of Home-Based Learning: How are you helping your children to manage their remote, virtual learning experience? It’s new territory for most! While teachers are providing remote work or packets, parents are the overseers and helpers, oftentimes in addition to working at home! The first webinar was so popular that we’re offering another one this week.

REGISTER NOW: Friday, March 27th, 8:00pm ET or Saturday, March 28th, 11:00am ET

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