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Empower Students

LATIC Workshop

There was never a moment where I felt like the ideas presented would only work in a specific subject or grade level area and I really enjoy getting to work with different grade and subject areas.

IDE Professional Learning Coaches

The consultants were wonderfully responsive to the needs of the learners. They left feedback notes daily and the one-on-one interaction is greatly appreciated. The feedback was constructive, well thought out, and extremely useful.

LATIC Workshop

I appreciated all the different models of learning that were made available each day. I also enjoyed the different aspects of the LATI Classroom, such as the Help Board, which made the workshop flow better, and keeping a schedule.

IDE Professional Learning Coaches

I appreciate the consultants' willingness to listen to my personal anxieties about my math curriculum, specifically my reality of having to prepare students for an AP Calculus exam. They helped me understand how I can still implement these structures and strategies in my class. They were just real humans, not trying to push a product on us rather they are helping us better support and set our students up for academic and personal success.

LATIC Workshop

I can envision the use of the LATIC classroom as I move forward in my career. It is inspiring to see that possibility. The consultants provided clear structures to make it possible. I know it could be years of development, but it is a great guide to becoming a better teacher.

IDE Professional Learning Coaches

I have never felt more welcome and personally valued by PD leaders. They were empathetic, kind, mindful, and well-versed in their program.

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