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Dr. Nancy Sulla Demonstrates Executive Function Is Key to Student Achievement

In a February 2018 article on Middleweb, Dr. Nancy Sulla demonstrates that “without the skills of executive function, you cannot access the information needed to transform thinking and produce powerful learning. Executive function is, therefore, the coveted missing link to student achievement.” Dr. Sulla explains what executive function is and how it directly impacts a […]

Webinar March 6, 2018, with Dr. Nancy Sulla on Transformational Technology: Usin...

Brain research and studies on learning have shown the brain stores information in long-term memory by making patterns. As we work to solve problems, we can think either divergently or convergently. When we think in a convergent manner, the brain uses existing patterns to arrive at a solution. Conversely, when we think divergently, the brain […]

IDE Corp. Exhibiting at New Jersey Charter Schools Conference 2017

IDE Corp. is proud to announce they will be exhibiting at the New Jersey Charter Schools Conference 2017 in Newark, New Jersey. The New Jersey Charter Schools Association (NJCSA) describes the Annual Conference as “an important forum for the charter community to gather and exchange ideas, best practices, and new information with colleagues, policymakers, and […]

Briarcliff Manor Schools Head Back to School This Summer with IDE Corp.

Briarcliff Manor teachers have been spending the summer training with IDE Corp. to learn to teach with a learner-active approach that better supports their new technology-infused classrooms. High school teacher Robert Saar says, “You can’t have classes that just feed them (students) facts because what value does that have in terms of expanding their minds?” […]

Echoes~Sentinel News Article Shares LATI Classroom Success in Wachtung Schools

An April 5, 2017, article in the Echoes~Sentinel newspaper describes how with the “Learner-Active, Technology-Infused Classroom program in Watchung Schools, more and more teachers are preparing their instruction in modern and more personalized ways”. Watchung, New Jersey, Valley View School Principal Mary Nunn said, “this comprehensive instructional model applies systems theory to classroom instruction to address […]