SOCSD_RocklandTimesArticle8-18-2016In its August 18th, 2016 edition, the Rockland County Times states that the “South Orangetown School Administration has been working this summer on a valuable series of initiatives to enhance student achievement for the 2016-2017 academic year.” The newspaper quotes Dr. Robert Pritchard, Superintendent of the South Orangetown Central School District as saying, “We want students to exercise the part of their brains that allow them to solve problems that have yet to be solved. Integrating the arts, sciences and humanities fosters creativity and innovation for young learners.”

Dr. Pritchard goes on to describe the Learner-Active, Technology-Infused Classroom as a place where “students are ‘empowered’ to take responsibility for setting goals, scheduling time, using resources and making decisions. They are more focused and get involved with problem-solving on open-ended situations by working independently or with their classmates.”

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