This year marks the 38th annual Future of Education Technology Conference and IDE Corp. will, once again, have a strong representation. Members of the IDE Corp. team will showcase with school partners throughout the conference which is held in Orlando from January 23 through January 26, 2018. Additionally, you can visit IDE Corp. in the Expo Hall at Booth 2240 as well as in the Hands-On Technology Lab on Wednesday, January 23 from noon until 6:00 pm.

  • Pervasive STEM: All Day, Every Day, Every Class, presented by Tanya Bosco (IDE Corp. Executive Vice President), Shelley Carrino (Principal of Bayonet Point Middle School), and Dr. Rick Saylor (Principal of Centennial Middle School).
    • Learn how two existing middle schools have transformed in year one as STEM magnet middle schools, building in students the mindsets of scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians. Explore an engineering design process that can be used for solving real-world problems in any subject area. Learn how to meld STEM with a student-driven, problem-based approach to instruction, leveraging technology to transform the learning experiences. Engage with the leaders and PD partners to learn how they’ve worked to shift mindsets among the faculty, building capacity for a pervasive STEM culture.
  • Students Owning Their Learning Using Technology, presented by Carrie Gentner (IDE Corp. Education Solutions Specialist), Sophia James (3rd-grade teacher at Chester Taylor Elementary School), and Jessica Heck (3rd-grade teacher at Chester Taylor Elementary School).
    • Learn how the 3rd-grade teachers at Chester Taylor Elementary School turned around their classrooms by using the Learner-Active, Technology-Infused Classroom model. Students are now using technology to take charge of their own learning using various apps, sites, QR codes, and more.
  • Tech Integration with PBL, presented by Shané Beauford (IDE Corp. Instructional Strategies Specialist) and Angela Vasvari-Toke, John Jacobs, and Lynne Slate (4th-grade teachers at Chester Taylor Elementary School).
    • Through a problem-based learning approach, students grapple with an authentic problem, generate a possible solution, and design a product to showcase their learning and solution. Technology is leveraged to research, design, and create an authentic product. In this session, elementary school teachers will share how their students grapple and create authentic products, including 3-D printing, to demonstrate their mastery of content.
  • STEAM: Transformed Learning Through Design, presented by Tanya Bosco (IDE Corp. Executive Vice President), Jason Petry (Principal of Sanders Memorial STEAM Magnet Elementary School), and Kelly Edwards (Assistant Principal of Sanders Memorial STEAM Magnet Elementary School).
    • Engage with the leaders and PD partner of Pasco County Schools first STEAM Magnet 1:1 Elementary School about the journey of creating STEAM thinking throughout their school by leveraging a design process and a 1:1 learning environment. Learn how teachers and students use the design process to solve real-world problems of passion at the school while learning their content and standards, and building STEAM mindsets. Participants will learn about a design process and how it applies to multiple content areas, emphasizing the A in STEAM to represent how students use design to demonstrate learning.