IDE Corp. is pleased to announce we will be exhibiting and presenting at Techspo ’18 — New Jersey’s Premier Educational Technology Training and Exhibition Conference for School Leaders and Educators. Members of the IDE Corp. team will showcase with school partners throughout the conference which is held in Atlantic City NJ from January 25 through January 26, 2018. You can find us at one of our scheduled presentations below, or you can visit IDE Corp. in the exhibit hall at booth 407. 

Systems Thinking: Connecting EdTech, Formative Assessment, and Differentiation

Friday 10:30 am – 11:30 am in Avalon #20 with Randolph Township Schools

What drives instruction in a classroom? What supports it? What role does technology play? The power of a learning environment lies in the interrelationships among components. Randolph Township Schools are focusing on taking a systems approach to learning by designing Learner-Active, Technology-Infused Classrooms that maximize these interrelationships. Systems mapping can then provide a powerful look at the pathways to achieving multiple goals in the classroom, as opposed to having different goals appear to be competing for time and energy. In this workshop, we will demonstrate how to utilize systems mapping to facilitate teachers making connections among technology, formative assessment, differentiation, standards, and more in the classroom. Dan Gross, Director of Client Relations, will be presenting with Jennifer Fano, Superintendent; Danielle Soldivieri, Director of Elementary Education; and Katherine Thorn, Elementary Supervisor.

More Than Just a Chair: Flexible Seating to Increase Student Engagement and Empowerment

Friday 10:30 am – 11:30 am in Wildwood #8 with the Toms River Regional Schools

Just as form follows function, a physical redesign of classroom furniture should follow a pedagogical shift to a student-driven classroom. Toms River Regional Regional School District supports freshman English teachers in designing student-driven classrooms and are beginning to redesign the physical space of classrooms to support the pedagogical shift. Shifting to a student-driven environment creates the need for flexible seating, as opposed to traditional rows of desks. In student-driven classrooms, students decide how they learn and practice content, if they work individually or collaboratively, and where they work in class. Join us as we share insights and future plans connecting flexible seating and student-driven classrooms. Gina Vodola, Instructional Strategies Specialist, is presenting with Tonya Rivera, English Supervisor, and Amber Hull, English Teacher.

Today’s Menu Is . . . Choice!

Thursday 2:45 pm – 3:45 pm in Avalon #2 with the Mine Hill Township School District

Our goal is to create student-centered classrooms that give students choice. It sounds great to give students choice in class; creating a system to do so is the challenge. Central to our instructional shifts in the Mine Hill Township School District is providing students more choice through a menu of activities they use to schedule class time. We call these menus activity lists. These activity lists embed technology, offer multiple ways for students to learn, connect practice activities with formative assessment, and present challenge activities. We will share how we build choice in classrooms through creating activity lists, link technology, connect activity lists to our problem-based curriculum, and connect activity lists with other structures in our student-centered classrooms. Dan Gross, Director of Client Relations, is presenting with Lee Nittel, Superintendent.