IDECorp LATIClassrooms Watchung NJ Echo Sentinel Article 5-3-2016IDE Corp. is pleased to announce that its ongoing Learner Active Technology Infused Classroom™ (LATIC) initiative in the Watchung Borough School District in Watchung, New Jersey is the focus of a May 3rd article in the Echoes-Sentinel newspaper.

Contributing writer Jordan Homer writes “The program encourages students’ communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. Through LATIC, teachers focus on a felt need and combine that with a real-world problem.” Homer continues, “Students manage tasks on their own, reaching out to each other if they need help, and may delve deeper into areas of the unit that interest them most.”

“As a teacher you have to let them make mistakes,” said Chris Mehl, seventh grade social studies teacher. “They have to fail and get back up and do it again.”

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