In a high-stakes educational environment, you need more than teacher training;

you need a consultative professional development provider.

What We Do

IDE Corp. – Innovative Designs for Education – is a leader in visioning, designing, and implementing instructional and organizational models that empower all learners. 

We engage educators in continual reflective practice to shift paradigms and to transform the teaching/learning process.

What We Think

An IDE Corp. Video Learning ExperienceView Dr. Nancy Sulla’s latest video “Learning vs. Practice Activities” and discover the key distinction in your activity list to ensure that student learning is taking place in your LATI Classroom.

Registering for a Demo to the IDEportal is required to view the video. After you view “Learning vs. Practice Activities”, continue to explore the IDEportal and the many valuable LATI Classroom resources.

What We Hear

True instructional change comes from a shift in belief systems