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Virtual Classrooms

Today’s technology expands opportunities for learning anywhere, anytime, from anyone.

Schools have many reasons for offering virtual venues for learning:

  • Enhancing students’ interaction in class by including students from other geographic locations
  • Offering courses that would otherwise be cost prohibitive were it not for the addition of students from remote locations
  • Offering low-enrollment classes across multiple schools in a district or region using one teacher
  • Generating revenue by offering courses to students outside the district or school

Using technology merely to replicate a lecture-style dissemination of information falls short of taking advantage of the opportunities afforded by technology to have students engage in student-centered learning.

L’Étranger Américain à Paris is a sample Google site that might be used as a French IV virtual classroom or a hybrid model in which some students are physically in class while others are geographically remote. Note that the problem, rubric, and activity list are structures of IDE Corp.’s Learner-Active, Technology-Infused Classroom.


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