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Technology Planning

Technology can be used as a powerful partner in the learning process when used properly. We distinguish between technology as an automational tool and technology as a transformational tool, favoring those uses of technology that allow students and teachers to engage in activities that are not possible without technology.

Clayton Christensen, in his book, Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns, talks about how technology can be a disruptive force that will challenge teachers to think differently about teaching and learning.  However, often times, teachers will take this disruptive force and fit it into the dominant paradigm for teaching and learning so that it becomes a sustaining force.  This is the biggest challenge to schools embarking on a technology infusion initiative.  It’s critical to inspire teachers to think differently about what schooling looks like.  Technology allows students to work in new ways in the classroom.

Schools must decide how to best use technology to promote their instructional vision. Topics to explore include: hardware, software, connectivity, pedagogy, support, professional development, and funding.