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Technology Infusion

As schools move to make greater use of technology, they must consider the implications for the teaching and learning process.

Early technology uses focused on integration, which often meant finding a technology tool that extended or enhanced the learning environment. In today’s world, technology should be seamlessly infused into the classroom environment such that students depend on it as a critical part of the learning process. Uses may certainly include automational uses of technology (automating tasks you formerly accomplished without a computer) but should also focus on transformational uses (those which you could not accomplish without a computer).

Interactive whiteboards should not be used as projection devices; laptops should not be used as expensive typewriters. Rather, schools need to embrace new mental models for infusing technology into the very fabric of the classroom experience.

All technology uses are not alike. Use IDE Corp.’s Technology Use Hierarchy tool on our online resource, the IDEportal, as a guide to strike a balance in your classroom between automational and transformational uses of technology.

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