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SLCs/Career Academies

SLCs/Career Academy Design

When it comes to school size, smaller is better for allowing teachers to connect to students, building critical social capital that correlates positively with student achievement. IDE Corp. concentrates on four critical, inter-related components of SLCs: Structures, Culture, Pedagogy, and Curriculum.

Current research points out that reducing the size of the school is not enough; instructional innovation must be included in the professional development process as well. IDE Corp. consultants work with district administrators, school administrators, SLC Design Teams, teachers, support staff, and parents to design and implement SLCs in large schools. Consultants provide summer and school-year workshops and on-site and off-site coaching across the school year.

Consider . . .

• Redesigning your school into Small Learning Communities
• Redesigning your school into Career Academies
• Leading teachers to teach through theme-based instruction