IDE Corp
Professional Development for Innovative Schools

School Culture

It’s easy to underestimate the power of a positive school culture on student achievement. Creating an effective, positive school culture requires deliberate and purposeful actions on the part of the school leader; it’s worth the effort. Culture is a system with the component parts of: beliefs, values, assumptions, rituals, and traditions. It is evident in the language and actions of those within the group.

IDE Corp. works with schools to assess school culture and assist school leaders in reshaping school culture. This process typically begins with a two-day study in which members of the school community are interviewed, the consultant spends time observing the school, and the consultant collects tangible evidence of school culture. Following this, the consultant then works with the school principal and, where applicable, leadership team to develop a plan for bringing about the necessary change in culture. This plan may include the involvement of an IDE Corp. leadership consultant on an ongoing basis, both in person and virtually, to support the change process.