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New Teacher Induction

This 2010 cohort was so enthusiastic they had t-shirts made.

Leveraging New Teacher Induction
Teachers who are new to the profession should receive targeted professional development and support to ensure a smooth early-career journey, success for their students, and reduced attrition. May teachers depart from the field within their first five years, often citing a lack of positive culture in the workplace as a key reason. IDE Corp. consultants provide instructional keynotes, summer and fall orientation workshops, and ongoing coaching and support to new teachers.

Mentoring New Teachers
The new-teacher mentor model fosters a relationship between a more seasoned, successful teacher and the newly-hired educator. Mentoring another requires not only strong content knowledge, but a knowledge of how adults learn and how people change. IDE Corp. consultants provide new teacher mentor training. Topics include understanding the needs of new teachers, classroom management, behavior management, lesson planning, pedagogy, technology infusion, assessment, mentor-mentee communication, the role of personality styles, generational perspectives, offering feedback, classroom visits, and more.