IDE Corp
Professional Development for Innovative Schools

New Teacher Mentors

Teachers who are new to the field, as well as their schools, benefit from the mentoring process in several ways:

  • The attrition rate for new teachers is high; effective mentoring will help new teachers acclimate to the career and have a successful early experience that will lead to retention.
  • New teachers can become acculturated to a positive school culture through the mentoring process.
  • Schools can ensure that new teachers are well-versed in the the school’s unique initiatives and foci are

IDE Corp. consultants work with teachers who will serve as mentors for new teachers to the school or district. While the professional development is tailored to the needs of the school or district, popular topics include:

  • Understanding personality and generational differences between mentor and new teacher
  • Classroom management strategies for new teachers
  • Gathering data from classroom visitations
  • Building trust
  • Active listening
  • Providing feedback
  • Moving others to embrace new techniques
  • Developing a mentoring Google site

Consider . . .

  • Providing training for your teacher mentors
  • Providing ongoing coaching for your teacher mentors